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The Los Angeles Fire Department in 1911

In the year the department turned 25 years-old it opened three new fire houses for a total of 32. Engine Houses 23, 24 and 25 would be the last of the houses built specifically for fire horses. The department now has 163 horses, the most it would ever have.  1911 would be the heyday of the fire horses on the LAFD for this was the last year that all 25 horse drawn steam fire engine companies remained in service. Although the department would continue to purchase horses during the next four years to replace older animals the era of motorization had begun. 1911 was also the year that the department purchased its first single-piece auto pumper and hose-carrying apparatus - Engine 26.

In 1911 the LAFD responded to 1,681 alarms, including 1,468 actual fires for a total fire loss of $807,000.

E N G I N E  C O M P A N I E S

Engine Company No. 1
1901 Pasadena Avenue
and Avenue 19,
East Los Angeles

Engine Company No. 2
2127 East First Street
near Chicago Street,
Boyle Heights

Fire Department Headquarters
Engine Company No. 3
Truck Company No. 2

346-348 South Hill Street

Engine Company No. 4
Truck Company No. 1

227 Aliso Street
near Los Angeles Street

Engine Company No. 5
525 East Fourth Street
at Fourth Street

Engine Company No. 6

1279 West Temple Street
at Edgeware Road

Engine Company No. 7
328 East 24th Street
at Maple Avenue

Engine Company No. 8
1839 South Hoover Street
near Washington Street

Engine Company No. 9

916 South Santee Street
near Ninth Street

Engine Company No. 10
Truck Company No. 3

1615 South Hill Street
near Sixteenth Street

Engine Company No. 11
Truck Company No. 4

1819 West Seventh Street

Engine Company No. 12

5921 Pasadena Avenue
(near Figueroa Street)

Engine Company No. 13

2669 West Pico Boulevard

Chief Engineer Walter Lipps

Engine Company No. 14

3410 South Central Avenue

Engine Company No. 15
3202 South McClintock Avenue

Engine Company No. 16
139 North Hope Street

Engine Company No. 17

2100 East Seventh Street

Engine Company No. 18
2616 South Hobart Street

Engine Company No. 19
1435 North Main Street

Engine Company No.20


Engine Company No. 21

1187 East 52nd Street

Engine Company No. 22

4352 South Main Street

Engine Company No. 23

225 East Fifth Street


Engine Company No. 24
Water Tower No. 1

204 South Hewitt Street

Engine Company No. 25

2927 Stephenson Street (Whittier Blvd.)

H O S E  C O M P A N I E S

Hose Company No. 1
Griffin Avenue
near Downey Avenue,
East Los Angeles


Hose Company No. 3
1401 South Central

Hose Company No. 2
Winfield Street near Union Avenue

Hose Company No. 4

137 South Loma

Hose Company No. 5

1409 West Vernon

Hose Company No. 6

Beacon and Wall Street
San Pedro

Hose Company No. 7


Historical Photos
Los Angeles
Circa 1911

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