Los Angeles Fire Department
Historical Archive


March, 1972


    After nine months in service the All City Commissioner Association hosted their monthly luncheon at Fire Station 33.  Chief Engineer Raymond Hill was the guest speaker.  In preparation for the luncheon Captain Larry Schneider had the men move the ladder truck and engines out of the station and set up tables and chairs on the apparatus floor.  He then had the men make a large banner and list the emergency statistical information of the Task Force.  The information included the number of runs they had responded on and the number of structure fires fought.  It listed how many thousands of feet of ladders had been thrown and how many thousands of feet of hose pulled.  Also listed was the fact that every man had been injured at least once, some as many as three times, and two had been killed.  The banner was mounted on the front of the apparatus doors and across the top he wrote, "FIRE CITY".

    At the conclusion of the luncheon, Chief Hill rose to speak.  An accomplished orator, the Chief was well known for his speeches.  As he stepped up to the podium he unfolded his prepared text.  Then, as he looked across the seated guests and at the banner hanging behind them, he paused and gently folded his notes.  Chief Hill then proceeded to give a speech about the Firemen of Task Force 33.  Using the information on the banner Chief Hill talked about their dedication, their courage, their sacrifice and their loyalty to the citizens of Los Angeles. From that day on, the Firemen at Task Force 33 referred to their assignment as “FIRE CITY”.



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