Los Angeles Fire Department
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In Memory of
Captain II Raymond Peterman
Light Force 28
C Platoon
Appointed September 1, 1962
Died January 17, 2004
Heart attack at brush fire.
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Our Department has lost yet another brother.  Captain II Ray Peterman was born January 25th 1941 in Los Angeles to William and Jane Peterman.  Sadly, Ray's Mother Jane passed away last year.  Captain Peterman was a 42-year veteran of our department.

Ray, as most of you know suffered a heart attack on the 4th of July 2003 after returning from a brush response.  Ray pulled hose, climbed and fought fire with his crew. As they pulled into quarters, many of  the station members' families had begun arriving to watch the July 4th fireworks display from the church below.  Ray told his crew to take care of their safety equipment and to attend to their families, and he would take care of the brush patrol.  Shortly after washing the rig and replacing the hose beds Ray's heart began to give out.  A member noticed that Cap Peterman looked to be in distress and summoned the on-duty paramedic.  Ray was transported to Northridge Hospital, on request, where he received excellent care.

Ray fought for months to get well and was finally able to return home for a short time.  During his visits home, his wife Marlene and son Doug were able to take him to the mall and Home Depot for shopping outings.  Unfortunately, Ray had a few set backs and had to return to Northridge and sadly passed away on January 17th.  Marlene, Doug, and the rest of the Peterman family were blessed to have a few additional weeks of his presence.

Captain Peterman served in Korea before becoming a firefighter on September 1, 1962 and promoted to Captain January 20, 1977.  Ray received several Department awards including its highest award, the Medal of Valor, for his efforts during the Northridge Earthquake and recently was the Captain of the Year at Councilmen Bernson's annual  luncheon.

Ray was easy to find during the day, all anyone had to do was go to the front office.  He was always doing some type of department work or planning a drill to improve his crews' knowledge.  He made out like he was this tough guy but he was just a softy down deep.  Ray called everybody "babe" and would go the extra mile or two to help you out.  If you called and needed a day off at the last minute, you always got a stern answer, "Why did you wait till the last minute?"  But then you would get that phone call, "Hey babe!...Peterman...It took sometime, but your off...See ya."

Before Cap Peterman retired, his dream was to have his son become an LAFD firefighter.  His dream came true a year and half ago as Doug graduated the fire academy and is now assigned to Fire Station 64.  Ray did everything possible to  help Doug through his training.   Doug felt the pressure of the academy and wanted desperately to please his father and mother as well as himself, which meant many long days studding and drilling.  Doug stuck it out and fulfilled their dreams.  Ray and Marlene were proud parents as Ray pinned Doug's badge on.

Interestingly, Ray and Marlene met on the TV show "The Dating Game."  Marlene was in town from Scotland and after the show, she called her mother and told her she had just won a man on a game show.  The rest is history.  Ray was a true family man.

Ray, a 42-year veteran, selected Fire Station 28 as his last assignment to wind down his career.  Wait a minute...Did I say wind down?  I really don't think Ray knew what the meaning of the words "wind down" truly meant.  Ray you see, was a Company man that gave 110% everyday.  He loved hisery job and the Los Angeles City Fire Department.  It was his goal.  I believe, to make ev member under his command a better firefighter.  Safety was always on his mind and training was his avenue to keep his members informed.  I myself, a 29-year veteran, always seemed to learn something at Ray's thorough drills.   Ray was a taskmaster.  This man made a difference on this job through his tireless work ethics.

Ray and Marlene were to travel after his retirement and were making plans to do so right up until the end.  Now Cap has first class seating with a window seat wherever he wants to go and, Neapolitan ice cream and Pepsi will flow like rivers.  Happy traveling "babe" and God bless you and your family.

The Firemen's Grapevine, June 2004

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