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Chief R.J. Scott
July 18, 1919 to April 1, 1940
Scott's administration was the longest in LAFD history.

April 1, 1884
July 1, 1905
August 10, 1906
May 31, 1909
November 17, 1913
July 18, 1919
April 1, 1940
September 17,1958

Born in Minneapolis
Joined the LAFD
Promoted to Driver
Promoted to Lieutenant
Promoted to Captain
Promoted to Chief Engineer
Died at age 74

Acting Battalion Chief, Scott was appointed to the position Battalion Chief for only one day before being appointed Chief Engineer on July 18, 1919.

Scott was 34 years old when appointed to Chief Engineer.  At the time he lived with his mother and sister at 2531 East Third Street.  Shortly after being appointed Chief Engineer he married Adeline Haas and for seven years they lived in the Chief 's quarters on the third floor of Engine 23.  Mrs. Adeline Hass Scott was the only wife of a chief engineer to live in the Chief's quarters.

"He is young, he is vigorous and has an excellent reputation.  He is well-liked by the members of the department and has made a close study of firefighting and protective methods.  He is a man with ideas."  
                                                                           Mayor Meredith P. Snyder

Chief Ralph J. Scott became internationally-renowned as one of the supreme authorities on fire department administration, fire protection and fire prevention.

Los Angeles in 1919: 

LAFD in 1919: 
400 square miles, 850,000 population

57 pieces of equipment in service, 725 firemen, 3000 fires per year, $1,600,000.loss.

1921  35th ANNUAL REPORT
1926  40th ANNUAL REPORT
1930  44th ANNUAL REPORT

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