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Chief Thomas Strohm
October 1, 1887 to January 25, 1888
March 22, 1889 to January 31, 1891
April 1, 1900 to February 28, 1905


Thomas Strohm, Three-Time Fire Chief Passes

Los Angeles Examiner, March 23, 1929
Los Angeles Express, March 23, 1929
Los Angeles Herald, March 23, 1929


    Tom Strohm, the predecessor of Chief Lips, was also a member of the old Thirty-Eights.  He came here from St. Louis as instructor of the Turnverin Germania, and as a resolute and skillful fire fighter he is without a superior.  His advocacy of Mayor Snyder at the last election cost him a position which he had filled with marked ability. 

Excerpts from an article written  by Joseph D. Lynch 
for the Los Angeles Herald, June 25, 1905.

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