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Chief Michael Curran


Los Angeles Volunteer Department
Appointed January 18, 1983 and served
February 1, 1883 to
November 30, 1893


Michael Curran shows up in history in about 1886 as an engineer at Engine Company No2, also know by its volunteer moniker, Confidence Engine, the fire house was located at Main St near First Street. Curran was considered the best mechanic on the department and it was said he knew how to fix anything.

"Engine 2 also had a station mascot, Chief, which the sober-faced firefighters said "is the handsomest man in the department--only he's a dog."  Chief ran to every fire immediately ahead of the horses, while managing to keep out of the way of their hooves.  He barked and encouraged the horses to greater speed with affectionate leaps at their noses as he bounded down the street in the lead.

Chief belonged to Engineer Mike Curran, who apparently lived next door to the station.  Curran said he often sent the dog to the market with money in his mouth for what "Mrs. Curran wants to buy."  Recalling an alarm the previous week, Curran said the dog was at the time leaving  a store with a tenderloin steak in his mouth.  Chief dropped the steak in a mud puddle and streaked back to the firehouse.  He arrived just in time as the horses turned out of the station with the engine and hose reel." 
                                    Source: "Los Angeles Fire Department Century of Service" by Paul Ditzel, Page 35

Confidence Engine Company   No.2
Circa 1886
Organized May 27, 1875
On Main St. --near 1st St./ Spring St. --near Franklin

Confidence Engine Company   No.2
Circa 1883
Driver Thomas F. Conway (in seat), Engineer Michael E. Curran (standing in middle).


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