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The following specifications for combination hose wagons for the Los Angeles Fire Department in 1905 were given in the proposal for bids for new equipment at that time:
Running Gear: Axles to be 2 1/4-in. Concord.
Wheels to be Archibald iron hubs with bronze bushings.
Hind wheels to be 4 feet 8 inches.
Front wheels to be 3 feet 4 inches, with 2 1/4-in. spokes and 2 1/2-in. rim.
Tires to be 2 1/2-in. round edge steel 5/8-in. thick.
Springs to be best quality oil tempered Swede steel 2 1/2-in. thick.
Front springs to be platform 3 feet 3 inches long with 13 leaves.
Hind springs to be platform.
Side springs 3 feet 6 inches long with 12 leaves.
Cross springs 3 feet 8 inches long with 13 leaves.
Front gear is to be of steel construction with fifth wheel 32-in. diameter by 2-in. wide.
Wagon Body: Wagon body is to be of perforated steel construction 8 feet 2 inches long by 3 feet 9 inches wide inside measurements by 13 1/2-in. deep.
Body frame to be of channel steel, properly reinforced to carry chemical tank.
Wagon body to be surrounded forward by a wire basket to carry 200 feet of 1-in. chemical hose.
Chemical tank to be of copper, 60-gal capacity, with all necessary fittings, equipments and pressure gauge.
Wagon to be supplied with a baby truss extension ladder 16-ft. long extended, same to be fitted in center over wagon body.
A step to be placed on each side of frame between wheels.
Equipment: Wagon to be supplied with two 3-gal. Babcock extinguishers, 
200 feet of 1-in. chemical hose and 2 shutoff nozzles for same.
One 7-ft. ceiling hook, 2 axes, 2 acid jars, 1 pouch for extra soda charge, 
1 crowbar, 1 5-lb. maul, 2 eclipse brass tubular lanterns plated, and brackets for same, one whip socket and holding down straps fittings.  
One two-horse hitch complete with trace pole chains, and snap hooks.

Wagon to be fitted with a tool box under the body of wagon between wheels, 12 by 10 inches, 3 feet long with door on each end.  
A small box for wrenches and spanners to be placed on footboard.  
Footboard to be 14 inches wide by 4 feet 11 inches long, and to have fittings for carrying sledge and crowbar.

Brake: Wagons to be fitted with an efficient brake to be operated form driver's seat.
Painting: Wagon body, chemical tank and pipe fitting to be finished in wine color with suitable striping in gold.
Running gear to be finished in dark English vermillion and gold striping.
Ladder, pole, and double and single trees to be finished off in natural wood.
Wagons to be lettered on footboard L.A.F.D. with number to be specified.

This article appeared in the October, 1943 issue of The Firemen's Grape Vine.

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