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Engine Company 67 Dedication

Designed and constructed by city artisans, the new headquarters of Engine Company No. 67 of the Los Angeles fire department at 2520 Westview avenue, in the West Adams district, is regarded by city planners, fire officials and architectural authorities as the outstanding model fire house extant.  Of Spanish design and fitted with the latest appointments obtainable, the structure fills and important niche in the development of the pretty residential and business district.  Above is shown a view of the front elevation of the building.  The temporary apparatus used by the newly-organized fire-fighting unit appears at the door.  Below is Capt. John A. Wilson and members of the present day shift.  These firemen live in the district served by the company and received their "baptism of fire fighting" in the metropolitan area.



Structure of Spanish Style
  Fills Need in Populous
    West Adams Section of City

    Filling a large niche in the development of the West Adams district and affording residents a much-needed measure of protection a new and picturesque firehouse has been completed at 2520 Westview avenue, a few doors from West Adams boulevard, and placed in commission.
    Temporarily the unique structure the architecture of which is in keeping with the homes nearby, will house an emergency triple-combination apparatus until the arrival of new equipment from the East.  Before July 1, it is expected, one of the latest departures in fire-fighting equipment will replace the present apparatus.
    Fire Chief Ralph J. Scott, cognizant of the necessity of providing added fire protection to the large residential and business district, urged city officials to expedite completion of the house.  Before the paint was dry the apparatus was assigned, crews of the two battalions named and the Gamewell alarm system linked in.
    During the few days that it has been in commission, Engine Company No. 67, as the new unit is known, has answered an average of four alarms daily, and its need in the neighborhood has been demonstrated.
    Battalion Chiefs H. Watson and H. Gemberling are in charge of the district, while Capts. John A Wilson, one of the most widely known and experienced "smoke eaters" of the Los Angeles department, and E. L. Beeson are in charge of the company quartered there.
    The new fire house was designed by city engineers and constructed at a cost said to about $21,000.

The Los Angeles EXPRESS, May 23, 1929

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