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  Engine Company No.16
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  Engine Company No. 16


139 North Hope Street
  (Truck 6 quarters opened)
2011 North Eastern Ave.

8/1/1904 - 1962
3/8/1962 to Present

Engine Company No. 16
139 North Hope Street

Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection
Engine Company 16
139 North Hope Street
Circa 1904

Date Opened

August 1, 1904

Land Cost


Building Cost



Engine Company 16

Source: Turk & Haelsig Photo


During a Fast Run Mishap Occurs and
Serious Injury is Narrowly

    A serious accident was narrowly averted as engine No. 16 reached First and Spring streets at 11 o'clock last night on its way to the fire on San Pedro street.  Running well the three big grays reached the street intersection and were starting on a stiff spurt along East First street when the middle horse stumbled and dragged the off horse to the ground.  At once horses and harness became a confused tangle and the heavy engine seemed about to crush the lives out of the struggling beasts.

    Driver Greenwood managed to stop the plunging steeds just as the wheels grazed the rump of the off horse.  Men adjusted the harness and the fallen animals were enabled to gain their feet.  The off horse was severely bruised from sliding on the car tracks, but no serious injury resulted and the engine proceeded on its way to the fire.

The Los Angeles Times
August 4, 1906

The following 3 photos are curtsey of Mrs. Gordon Maurice Tretheway.  They are post cards sent to her late Mother-in-Law, (Miss Alma Clark) by her boyfriend, Fireman Jeff Morrison of Engine Company 16.

Fireman Jeff Morrison -
1st man on right side of door.
July 24, 1911

Los Ang   July 27, 1911

Dear Alma,
Why don't you write, am looking for word from  you every day.  There is 3 men absent from this picture.  A good picture of every body.  Am off tonight going to Santa Ana.  Good Bye

Write soon'               

Miss Alma Clark Thornton 
San Joaquin Co

Fireman Jeff Morrison in drivers seat.

Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection

Hose Wagon 16
Circa 1910


Engine 16
Circa 1910

Truck Company No. 6    Engine Company No. 16

Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection
Sanford Photo

Circa 1912
*  * Members * *
Truck 6--  Teddy (dog),  Driver W. J Shreves,  Lieutenant A. W. Brown,   Tillerman E. A. Bennett
Standing--  C. J. O'Neill,  N. Meyerhofer,  E. D. Senter,  H. H. Rhoads,   E. P. Miller,  C.C. Hopkins,  C. M. Neece,
                N. Hendrickson,   J. R. Huddleston,  Lieutenant A. H. Fallin,  Captain M.A. Moreno         
Driver on Engine 16--  G.E. Neal          Driver on Wagon 16--  V. E. Pierret

Truck 6--  1911 Seagrave AC80 City Service Truck SN#78
Engine 16--  1904 Nott 2nd Size SN#16
Wagon 16--  1910 Anderson Combination Chemical & Hose SN#50
Truck 6's quarters added to Engine 16 and opened for service September 5, 1912.


Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection
Shop Number #78

Truck Company No. 5

Shown here as Truck 5 assigned to Engine 23, this 1911 Seagrave AC-80 City Service Truck SN #78 went into service at Engine 23 on January 1, 1912. 

This apparatus was one of the two first auto ladder trucks purchased by the Los Angeles Fire Department. 

Source: Fred Allen Photo Collection
Courtesy Captain Duane Warth, LAFD Retired
Shop Number #78

Truck Company No. 6

Truck 5 moved to Engine 16 September 5, 1912 and became Truck Company 6.  

In 1919 Truck 6 moved to Engine 4.  

On December 7, 1932 all Truck Co. numbers were changed to the same number as the engine company's with which they were quartered.  Truck 6 now became Truck 4.  Confused?

The following five photos are curtsey of D. D. Trent, son of Fireman Dee Trent.

Note: The photos show Engine 16 and Hose Wagon 16.  Together these two pieces of equipment along with a captain, a lieutenant, drivers for each, an engineer and stoker and five or six firemen  and five fire horses comprised Engine Company No. 16.  The captain, Lieutenant, one of the drivers and all of the firemen rode on the Hose Wagon and the other driver along with the engineer and stoker rode on the Engine.  The use of the two pieces of apparatus by this company made it know as a "2-Piece Engine Company".

Engine 16 in front of quarters on North Hope Street.
Circa 1912

 - The above engine is an 1888 Ahrens 3rd Class Steamer (Shop Number 6)
 - This steamer was motorized in 1914 with a Christie Front Drive
    Tractor and reassigned to Engine 2.
 - Then in 1916, due to age of the steamer (SN 6), the tractor was removed
    and put on the 1909 Knott steamer at Engine 18.  
 - The horse drawn front end of the 1909 Knott steamer was installed on
    this steamer, returned to service as Engine 16 and remained so until
     taken out of service. 

Engine 16

Wagon 16

Wagon 16.
Circa 1912

Wagon 16 and Engine 16 lined up on Hope Street.
Circa 1912

Source: Fireman Henry F. McCann
Scrap Book Collection
Circa 1914

This postcard was probably made in 1917, just prior to moving Truck 6 to Engine 4.
Fireman Dee David Trent is pictured just right of the Truck.

Fireman Dee David Trent is standing 2nd from the left- the only man without suspenders.

Engine Company 16
Fireman Dee Trent in the driver seat of the Engine.
Circa spring 1921.

. . . "708 N. Broadway".

June 19, 1921 was the last horse drawn 
run for Engine Co. No. 16.
( --Steamer No. 6 s/n 544 and Wagon No. 50.)

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