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Engine Co. No. 10 Truck C
Truck Co. No. 3 in service
Truck Co. No. 1 in service
Number change: T1 now Truck 10
Task Force 10 R.A.10
1615 South Hill Street
1335 South Olive Street
1899  - 1951
1951 to Present


Engine Company No. 10
Truck Company No.  10
1335 S. Olive Street

Source: Chuck Madderom Collection

Date Opened December 26, 1951
Cost of Land $   27,000.
Cost of Building $171,606.
Architect Strange, Inslee & Huber
Contractor Harvey  A.  Nichols Co.
Sq.Ft. Floor Area 11,206
Area of Site 100'x100'  10,000 Sq.Ft.
Number of poles; 3



LAFD in Action
Engine 10 Fireman
January 22, 1958

Photo 1
Photo 2

Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection

Engineer Hector Lujan - (2nd from the left)

Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection


Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection


Truck 10
"B" Platoon

August 1963


Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection

Engine and Truck 10
"B" Platoon

August 1963

Engineer Hector Lujan
(bottom row/4th from left)


Source: Firefighter Danny Elizarraras Collection

Task Force 10
"A" Platoon


Left to Right;
Probationary FF Bill Case
Captain I Brian Sandwick
Firefighter  Rick Kirkwood
Apparatus Operator Mike Coffee
Firefighter Mike Celestino
FF/PM  Danny Elizarraras
FF/PM Mike Leon
Engineer Keith Bridges
Captain  II Mark Akahoshi
Firefighter Mike Kammerer

Source: Captain II Eric Thompson

Task Force 10
"B" Platoon

June 6, 2021

Right to Left;
Captain II Eric Thompson
Captain  I Michael Nelson
Engineer Mathew Lowenstein
Firefighter Stephen Benavente
Firefighter Paramedic Jessie Hoehn
Apparatus Operator Michael Pagliuso
Firefighter Jacob Sokolowski
Firefighter Paramedic Derek Cook
Firefighter Paramedic Nathan Largen
Firefighter Chace Cubak

Members of Fire Station 10  are lined up to fly a memorial flag in honor of: 
        Fireman Joseph R. Rentz
Appointed      09/23/1957
Retired           10/31/1972  FS 10
Passed Away  06/05/2021

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