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Confidence Engine Company No. 2

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Confidence Engine Co. No.2
(The 2nd volunteer company)
* The LAFD *
Engine Company No. 2
Truck Co No. 10 in service
number change: Truck 10 to Truck 2
Task Force 2
Task Force 2 R.A. 2

May 1874
Established February 1

Main St. South of 1st St.  
410-412  N. Main St.  
Second St. & Boyle Ave.
2127 E. First St.
2127 E. First St. (new bld.)  
1962 E. Cesar Chavez Ave.

1874 to 1893
1895 to 1924
1924 to 1987
1987 to present

Confidence Engine Co. No. 2
1886 to 1893
410-412 N. Main Street
(Where Marsh Bld. stands.)

Main Street looking north from Second Street, ca.1889

USC Digital Library Collection
Part Of:
Title Insurance and Trust / C.C. Pierce Photography Collection, 1860-1960
[project] USC

Photograph of Main Street looking north from Second Street, ca.1889. The Childs Opera House is on the right, built 1883 and opened May 1884.

Beyond it the bell tower is atop the headquarters of the Confidence Engine Company, a volunteer organization which was formed in 1874 -- Headquarters 7 Reg. N.G.C. formed May 1888.

The Opera Restaurant is at left. The Chamber of Commerce hat its second quarters in the room above the restaurant. The new U.S. Hotel is in the distance. A cannon is visible on the parapet at left. Streetcars and numerous horse-drawn wagons and carriages move up and down the dirt street or are parked along the curb. Additional legible writing includes: ..."real estate"..., ..."paints"..., "Castr[...], wholesale, retail grocers", "Signs", "harness"..., "Finest California wines", "The Kline Clothing Co.", ..."Inglewood Property"..., "Grand Opera House", ..."House Jewelry Store".

Source: LAFD Photo Album
Courtesy Bill McGowan

Driver B. W. Trowbridge (seated)
Engineer W. E. Stoermer  and
Callman Jim Simmons -   (both standing)
Driver-(of horse cart) Jim Richardson -
 (on rear tailboard)
Horses-Bert (inside) and Dick
1875 "Straight Frame" Amoskeag 2nd Size 700gpm, Shop Number 1,
Serial Number 431

Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection

Confidence Engine Co. No. 2
Circa 1886

Driver Thomas F. Conway
Engineer Michael E. Curran (standing in middle)
-NOTE: Curran became Chief Engineer in 1883

Source: Captain Duane Warth

Champion Long Distance Running Team of Southern California
Dick and Burt
B. W. Trowbridge

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