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    A memorial honoring those members of the Los Angeles Fire Department who gave their lives for their country in the Great Wars was unveiled at 11 o'clock Sunday, May 30th, in a ceremony attended by Chief Officers of the Fire Department and Officers of Fire Fighter's Post 102 of the American Legion.

   Designed in the form of a white marble plaque with green stained lettering set in a bronze frame bearing fire department insignia, the memorial is permanently affixed to the wall inside of the main entrance of the Fire Department Headquarters Building, 217 South Hill Street.

   Inscribed upon the face of the plaque are the names of the following war heroes:
     World War II:   John N. Randall, Jack C. Manahan, James L. Ashmore,
                             Allen D. Kimmel, Chester F. Jacobs, Harold Jonathan
                             Donald W. Starbird, Emmett M. O'Brien
                             and Austin F. Casselberry

     World War I:    Fred Hawtrey.

    The memorial was dedicated by the members of Fire Fighter's Post 102, the American Legion Post of the Los Angeles Fire Department.  It is the opinion of Post Commander Owen H. Held that this memorial is the first of its kind to be dedicated by a Legion Post to the members of any municipal fire department.

    Relatives of the members honored were invited to view the memorial by John H. Alderson, Chief Engineer of the Los Angeles Fire Department.  Those relatives who may experience transportation difficulties may call Chief Alderson's office at MUtual 6161and arrangements will be made to have them picked up in a department car.  All relatives whom it is possible to reach have been notified.

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