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Harold Jonathan

    As the solemn echo of death taps died away in the houses of the Los Angeles Fire Department, it was announced that Sergeant Harold Jonathan, a member of the department on military leave, had been killed in action on the western front in Germany, November 29, 1944.

    Sergeant Jonathan was appointed to the Fire Department on December 10, 1942, and went on military leave December 26, 1942.  He was a member of the 335th Infantry regiment of the 84th Division and was a holder of the Good Conduct Medal and the Expert Infantryman badge.

    He is survived by his wife, Seaman First Class Mary Jonathan of the United States Navy's Waves, stationed in Washington, D. C.;  his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. John Jonathan of Minnesota, Minnesota, and nine brothers and seven sisters.

    Of Icelandic parentage, Harold Jonathan was born in  Arco, Minnesota on November 28, 1917.  Of his many brothers, three are members of the Fire Department:  Captain Emil M., Fireman George T. and Fireman Julian H.  In addition a sister is the wife of Autofireman Owen Hamlin.  Among the rest of the surviving brothers four, Virgil, Donald, Erwin and Robert, are members of the armed forces.

Source: The Firemen's Grapevine, January 1945

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