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Young Fireman Gives
Life for His Country

John C. Manahan

    John C. Manahan, son of Frank Manahan, retired fireman, residing at 3500 Fifth avenue, Los Angeles, has been reported as having been killed in action over Germany, October 14.

    Manahan, 24 years of age, was appointed to the fire department May 26, 1941.  On January 24, 1942, he was granted military leave, entering the air force.  Finishing his training he was given active service, ranking a first lieutenant.  It was during a sortie over Germany that he was killed.

    Young Manahan was born in Los Angeles.  He graduated from Manual Arts high school and attended University of Southern California for two years.  Before coming into the fire department he was lead man at Douglas Aircraft.

    As a fireman he was greatly interested in athletics and was a member of the department bowling team.  He also was on the baseball team from Battalion 11.

    The death of Manahan is the second from those of the department, Staff Sergeant John M. Randall being killed during a training flight at Barksdale, La., April 19, 1943.

Source: The Firemen's Grapevine, December 1943

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