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June 9, 1950

The blaze began in a rear office of the Alco Research & Engineering Co., at 1107 N. El Centro Ave., a recording concern, and spread through a grated but uncovered window into a record storage room.  It spread upward and virtually destroyed the commercial photographic studio of Green & Tillisch, 1103 N. El Centro Ave.


Two firemen from Truck Company 27 reach for the tormentor poles in preparation for raising a 50' Bangor ladder.

Engine Company 52 deploying a 2 1/2" line.



The crew of Engine 52 operate a line on the fire.  Note the man with the soft cap.  During this period Engineers wore soft caps while driving, during pumping operations and while firefighting.  




Firemen from Truck 27 carry a 35' extension ladder. 
A fireman from Engine 52 hands a puppy to a woman as other members of the crew work a 2 1/2" line in the background.

Firemen from Rescue Company 27 attempt to resuscitate Captain Carter.

 Photographs by the Green Tillisch Company, Hollywood, 
from the estate of Ingeborg Tillisch Kelley

January 21, 2004


I came across your website because my late stepmother was mentioned in one of you articles.  She was co-owner of the Green and Tillisch Company of Hollywood which burned down in 1950 and caused the death of a fire captain.  She is Mrs. Leland Green in the newspaper reports.  I have negatives of photos of the firefighters fighting that fire and wondered if you would like them for your archives.  I remember looking at the negatives labeled firefighters and wondering what that was all about.  Thanks to Goggle, I now know.  My stepmother continued to donate to firefighter funds throughout her life and now it all makes sense.  She never told me about this incident and I was not yet born.  

Please enjoy this addition to your collection.  I am glad they have found a good home.  Please list the credit if you post them.  I have enjoyed the journey of discovery into her life.  By the way, the firefighters (negatives)  were in the same index as Edgar Bergen (with Charlie McCarthy) and the original shots of Disney's Mouseketeers.  Good company, yes?  If this is foreign to you, ask a retired firefighter!

If any of your brothers and sisters fought the terrible fires in San Diego County last October, thank you for all your efforts.

Best Regards,

Kathleen Kelley-Markham


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