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Fire Chief and the Fine Diamond Emblem With
Which He Was Presented as Reward for Service.

Mayor McAleer makes Presentation With Words of Praise for Faithful Service of the Fire Department Head.

    Gold badges set with diamonds appear to be a craze in Los Angeles.

    Two months or so ago members of the police department by subscription raised enough money to buy an elaborate badge having a pure white diamond in the center for Chief of Police Walter Auble.  It looked so pretty and attracted so much attention the result was the purchase of another diamond star for Paul Flammer, captain of the detective squad.

    Those two officials have been the envy of police officials in all parts of the country.  Diamond rings and watches set with diamonds have been in order in other cities.

    Yesterday the diamond badge craze spread to the fire department and Chief Walter Lips was presented with a medal which outshines those previously presented to Chief Auble and Captain Paul Flammer.  Brother firemen told him that he could do away with the lanterns on his buggy in the future.

    Mayor McAleer presented the badge to Chief Lips at the meeting of the Fire Commission yesterday morning.   Assistant Chief McDonald and a half dozen other officers were present.  Mayor McAleer called attention to the fact that Chief Lips entered the department as a hoseman and by his own energy, brains, honesty and carefulness had arisen to the highest appointment in the department.

    He said he had no one to thank except himself and should be proud of the success he had attained, for the city is proud of him.  He has been a faithful servant of the public, and political pull had nothing to do with his promotion.

    Surprised, his face flushed and smiling, the chief rose to thank his superiors.  He accepted the badge with a promise to remain in the future as he has been in the past, fair to the men under him and obedient to the people whom he serves.

    If the craze continues to spread, motormen, railroad conductors, theater attaches and letter carriers may be wearing diamond badges ere long.

The Los Angeles Express, April 7, 1906

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