Boat Specifications
Fire Boat No. 3

The following article was prepared for the Grape Vine by Captain M. P. Allen of Fire Boat No. 2-A in response to the large number of members of the department who have recently visited the quarters of the boat seeking information as to it's construction and operation.

COMMISSIONED March 13, 1928. Cost $10,000. Length 38.4. Beam 10.2. Draft 4.9. Gross tons 12.38. Net tons 8. Hall-Scott gasoline engine, 6-cylinder, 275 H.P. at 2100 R.P.M.

Centrifugal pump (2 stage) with a capacity of 290 gallons per minute. By means of friction disc clutch, pump may be engaged while engine is turning propeller shaft and engine will operate pump and propeller shaft at same time.

Boat has wooden hull and makes speed of 18 statute miles per hour.

Hose carried as follows: 50 feet of 3 1/2-inch hose in hose box (for ejector); 200 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose in box; 250 feet of 1 1/2-inch on reel in after hold.

Foamite generator and eight cans of powder carried.

A 100-pound carbon dioxide system (two 50-pound cylinders) is installed. Piping leads from cylinders in after hold to forward hold where reel with 100 feet of flexible metallic hose is located. Pin type nozzle is provided.

M.S.A. hose mask with 100 feet of hose connected to hand operated blower is carried in forward hold.

Pump manifold has three 2 1/2-inch outlets.

Distributor nozzle, Akwood cellar pipe, M & M ejector, 2 1/2 and 1 1/2-inch nozzles, fog nozzles, pike poles, boat hooks, grappling hooks, sledges, axes, bars, roof ladder, 20-foot extension ladder, bolt cutters, two type D C02, two Grether lanterns, fist aid kit, two woolen blankets, rope in various lengths and sizes, small tools, and all types of hose fittings are provided.

Two-way radio installed, operating in same manner as radio on Boat 2. ( Two-way radio maintained by police department radio technicians is installed. This permits direct conversation with Fire Boat 1, Fire Boat 2, and Battalion Chief of Battalion 6. Also direct conversation with all control points of police department station KGPL.)

A senior boat operator (mate) and one fireman are on duty each shift.

This article appeared in the March 1945 issue of THE FIREMAN'S GRAPE VINE.

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