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Office of the Fire Department, 217 South Hill Street,
Los Angeles Cal., December 15th, 1905

To the Honorable, The Mayor, and the City Council of the City of Los Angeles.

       Gentlemen:---As provided in the City Charter, I have the honor to herewith submit to your Honorable body the annual report of the Los Angeles Fire Department for the year ending November 30th, 1905.

    This report in which will be found a record of the operations of the department for the past year, is my first report and the Twentieth annual report of the department, the alarms and losses by fire with statistical tables, together with such general information and recommendations relative to the department as is of interest to your Honorable body and the public.

    During the year the department responded to 760 alarms.  This is 58 less than that of last year.  There were 688 actual fires with a property loss estimated at $615,630.00.

    The department was increased during 1905 by:  Two second size Nott Engines, three third size Metropolitan Engines, six Seagrave Combination Wagons equipped with 60-gallon chemical tanks and 200 feet of chemical hose each, one 16-foot extension ladder and also two three-gallon extinguishers each.  Four Seagrave Combination Wagons equipped with 30-gallon chemical tank and 150 feet of chemical hose each.

    One 85-foot quick raising spring truck, rubber tires and roller bearings, fully equipped with trussed ladders, Pompier ladders and life belts.

    Two complete sets of trussed ladders for trucks known as B and D to replace the straight frame ladders.

    One sixty-five-foot water tower, Gorter's make, with deck nozzle.

    Two Chief's buggies, 25,000 feet of new 2 1/2-inch hose, 1000 feet of chemical hose, three sets of three-horse hitches to replace double hitches on Nott Engines, two sets of hind wheels to replace those on Ahrens engines, ten sets of double harness, three dozen Hale collars and 81 feet of 3-inch suction.

    There were also erected during the year two new engine houses, located on Hobart boulevard near Adams street and on North Main street, near Ann Street, and will be installed about January 1st, 1906.


    I would recommend the sale of the present quarters of Engine Company No. 5, now located at Fourth and Towne Ave., and a site be purchased in the vicinity of Third and San Pedro streets, and a brick building erected thereon suitable to house the new Water Tower, a chemical engine and Engine Company No. 5.   



        I would recommend the sale of the present quarters of Engine Company No. 11, located on West Seventh street between Burlington avenue and Bonnie Brae street, and a brick building erected thereon suitable to house an engine company.

    I would recommend that a lot be purchased on South Park avenue between  Forty Fifth and Forty Eighth streets, and a brick building erected thereon suitable to house an engine company.

    Also that a lot be purchased, a brick building erected thereon and an engine company installed in the vicinity of Seventh and Flower streets.

    I would recommend that the house now occupied by Hose Company No. 1 be sold, and a new brick building erected in its place suitable to house the company now known as Engine Company No. 1, and also a City Service Hook and Ladder Truck, which would then give the needed ladder service to East Side, Garvanza and Boyle Heights district;  also that Hose Company No. 1, now located in the above location be installed on the present quarters of Engine Company No. 1.

    I would recommend the building of a suitable drill tower, so that the members of the department can be properly drilled and taught to have confidence in themselves while working on roofs, ladders and fire escapes.  I believe that the the erection of this tower would greatly increase the efficiency of the men, and the Department in general.

    I would recommend that as soon as possible the Water Department place more hydrants in the business portion of the city, bounded by the Plaza on the north, Seventh street on the south, Los Angeles street on the east and Hill street on the west;  hydrants to be of the double outlet pattern.

    I would recommend that an Ordinance be drafted providing for a first class painter who shall be a good letterer and striper;  it would be a saving to the city and a benefit to the Department.

    In conclusion I desire to extend my thanks to His Honor, Mayor Owen McAleer and the Honorable members of the City Council and the Board of Fire Commissioners for the interest taken in matters pertaining to the Department.  I also wish to thank all the members connected with the Department for the intelligence, ability and faithfulness with which each has performed his duties.  I also wish to extend thanks to the Chief of Police and the members of his force for assistance rendered.

Respectfully submitted,                      
WALTER LIPS,        
Chief Engineer.




or Tel.
Engine Co. No. 1. 1901 Pasadena Ave. 42 12 54
Engine Co. No. 2. 2127 E. First St. 14 30 44
Engine Co. No. 3. 217 S. Hill St. 110 77 187
Engine Co. No. 4. 227 Aliso Ave. 124 43 167
Engine Co. No. 5. 525 E. Fourth St. 148 44 192
Engine Co. No. 6. 1279 Temple St. 42 23 65
Engine Co. No. 7. 324 E. Twenty Fourth St. 54 17 71
Engine Co. No. 8. 1839 S. Hoover St. 33 19 52
Engine Co. No. 9. 916 Santee St. 113 48 161
Engine Co. No. 10. 1615 S. Hill St. 58 18 76
Engine Co. No. 11. 1819 W. Seventh St. 18 23 41
Engine Co. No. 12. 5921 Pasadena Ave. 5 7 12
Engine Co. No. 13. 2669 W. Pico St. 7 14 21
Engine Co. No. 14 3401 Central Ave. 24 21 45
Engine Co. No. 15 Jefferson & McClintock St. 24 25 49
Engine Co. No. 16 135 N. Hope St. 72 16 88
Engine Co. No. 17 E. Seventh & Santa Fe Ave. 36 19 55
Hose Co. No. 1. 113 S. Griffin Ave. 46 13 59
Hose Co. No. 2. 1527 Winfeld St. 76 16 92
Hose Co. No. 3. 1401 Central Ave. 105 15 120
Chemical Co. No. 1 137 S. Belmont Ave. 36 25 61
Truck "B" 217 S. Hill St. 117 77 194
Truck "C" 1615 S. Hill St. 80 19 99
Truck "D" 1819 W. Seventh St. 39 23 62
Water Tower 227 Aliso St. 15 . 15


Horses on hand Nov. 30th, 1904   97
Purchased during 1905     35  
Sold during the year 12 .
Died during the year    3    15  
. .  
Number in service Nov. 30th, 1905 . 117



. Positions.

Salaries Per Month.

1 Chief Engineer $250.00
1 Assistant Chief Engineer 175.00
2 Battalion Chiefs 150.00
1 Superintendent of Engines and Machinery 150.00
1 Secretary 115.00
8 Captains (First Class) 125.00
9 Captains (Second Class) 115.00
22 Lieutenants 90.00
7 Engineers (First Class) 120.00
11 Engineers (Second Class) 110.00
2 Relief Engineers 100.00
11 Drivers (First Class) 85.00
31 Drivers (Second Class) 80.00
2 Tillermen 80.00
50 Hosemen  (First year of service) 60.00
. . (Second year of service) 70.00
. . (Third year of service) 80.00
1 Driver Supply Wagon  (First year of service) 60.00
. . . (Second year of service) 70.00
1 Blacksmith 100.00
1 Carriage Blacksmith 117.00
  3   Machinists 100.00


18 Lieutenants. .
2 Battalion Chiefs. .
1 Superintendent of Engineers .
1 Blacksmith. .
1 Carriage Blacksmith. .
3 Machinists. .



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